Time Management Tips And Techniques

There are ways to create a sound plan, both simple and complex.

Here are some of the ways:

  • 1. The use of the calendar should be maximized.
    Calendars can help you plan for things you will be doing in the future. Make sure that in your house, in your office desk, your wallet, or through your gadgets, you are constantly aware of important dates and schedules.
  • 2. Use organizers and day trackers:
    Similar to a calendar is an organizer or pocket diary where you can write your important activities or agenda for the day, week, or month. Use this tool efficiently and you would have no hassle managing your schedule. Remember, these were made for the purpose of being used, and not to be stored on some dark, dank area of your house.
  • 3. Highly sophisticated electronic organizers such as Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) can give you more comfort and efficiency in managing your schedule.
    You can use these gadgets to give you details of your plans or important dates to remember without the hassle of turning the pages or writing it down with a pen. PDAs are designed to give you the most logical and modern method of locating your data and organizing them to create better timetables and goal projections.
  • 4. Make a list of agenda:
    A What to Do List is one simple way of planning your day in a very timely organized manner. You can write down your planned activities for tomorrow especially if you have to do various tasks in one day. You can also keep this list as an initial way of tracking down your activity until you can create your own mental note or a list of desired activities inside your mind for simple undertakings. However, for bigger and more complicated agendas, it would be better if you have your small notebook or PDA where you can store a list of what you need to do or finish at a particular point in time.