Time Management Tips And Techniques

Work Quality Hours

Some employees may acquire a happy-go-lucky attitude because they think that whatever they have not finished within the normal working hours, they can accomplish later during overtime. They therefore tend to work slower. They have the inclination to do other things during office hours like chatting with their co-workers regarding the latest gossips, surfing the internet for personal reasons, and reading joke emails sent by their friends.

These are not acceptable acts by a responsible employee. Not only will the employee spend less time for rest and relaxation by staying late in the office, but the company would also have to shoulder more overtime pay for work that can be finished within the regular working time.

If you want to maintain a balanced life, then leave your office early. You might think that this is not a logical step to take especially when youre bombarded with piles of assignments and reports that are due soon. But once you get the hang of this, youll become more focused with your job and youll spend less time doing unproductive tasks.

The magic word here is focus.

Tell yourself that you are leaving early by hook or by crook. By doing this, you are imposing a strict deadline on yourself. When you make up your mind to go home early from work with full determination, your subconscious will help you in achieving such feat.

Word of advice: start gradually. If youre used to working 15 hours a day, you may start by lessening it to 12 hours, then to 10 hours, then finally to 8 hours. You may also decide which days of the week youll be leaving work early.

For example, this week youll go home early on Wednesday. Then next week, its Wednesday and Thursday. Then the week after that, its Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Keep on decreasing the numbers of hours you have to work for a particular week until you have achieved a normal 8-hour work routine daily. 

But please. Dont leave the office early feeling guilty and unproductive. Just think. By achieving balance and getting enough rest, youll end up becoming more efficient than if you work countless hours the day before. A better use of your time is to plan on how you are going to handle the work that you will be doing tomorrow.

At the start of every day, always ask yourself, What must I do to feel satisfied when I go home from work on time today? Another great way to accomplish more is that during the middle of the day, contemplate on the tasks that you have already done, then ask yourself What other things do I need to finish? You will gain more direction to accomplish whatever needs to be done.