Time Management Tips And Techniques

Time Robber: Too Much

Life is becoming more and more complex everyday. We are presented with a variety of choices on a particular product to be bought. We are being inundated with tons of paperwork. We have too many tasks to do in a day.

To solve this dilemma, try to make everything in life as simple as possible.

Dont present too many choices. People will be confused if you sell them products with too many combinations, varieties, or options. Lots of time will be consumed in deciding which one is really the best.

Try to minimize the quantity of papers you have to keep. If you can afford programming or e-commerce solutions that minimize the use of papers, then it is a rational decision to acquire them.

Pause a while every time you are going to do an activity. Always ask yourself, "What can I do along with this task to save more time in the future? For instance, you are going to buy a birthday card for your friend. By asking the question, you might come up with the decision to buy more birthday cards instead of just one, to give to those who will be having their birthdays later in the year; so you dont have to go to the shop every time there is a birthday occasion.