Time Management Tips And Techniques

What is the Most Important Thing?

Lets face it.

24 hours in a day is not enough time for many people to do everything in their schedule.

It is therefore imperative that people perform their activities in the order of priority. 

 The art of prioritizing covers 4 major task groups:

  • 1. Important and Urgent
  • 2. Not Important but Urgent
  • 3. Not Urgent but Important
  • 4. Not Important and Not Urgent

  • Important and Urgent
    Important and Urgent These tasks are the ones that must be done right away, or consequences may result. An example would be bills that are due today. If you dont pay your bills on time, you would...

  • Not Important but Urgent
    Not Important but Urgent The significance of an activity falling in this category depends on the individual. For example, a 3-day super sale might not be important for some because the items on sale...

  • Not Urgent but Important
    Not Urgent but Important You might often put off tasks in this category, but these are the ones that require your attention more. These involve planning, organizing, and implementing your objectives....

  • Not Important and Not Urgent
    Not Important and Not Urgent You might think activities in this section are not worth peoples time, so they wont engage in these activities much. Think again. You would be surprised to know that...

  • Numbered Priority Tactic
    Numbered Priority Tactic Heres one of the most powerful techniques that you can use to manage your time efficiently the Numbered Priority Tactic. Buy a very small notebook that you can put in your...