Time Management Tips And Techniques

The Use of Action Plans

The use of action plans is different from making a what to do list since in the latter, you are just making a list of what to do for a particular task or project. You must give focus on what you need to do in a period of time to reach for your aim. Action plans will give you concentration and a clear line on where you would start and how you would utilize your effort/energy to become an achiever. In making an action plan consider the following:

  • 1. Go back to your goals, what are your objectives?
  • 2. Go back to your strategies, how will you do it?
  • 3. What are the most logical ways of doing your tasks or plans? What are the points between A and Z?
  • 4. How will you do you plans within a period of time? One day, a week, a month or a year? How realistic are you in getting the desired result?

The most important and valuable insight of an action plan as a strategy or tool for time management is how it gives you focus and motivation in finishing your task in less time. It will also give you an organized feeling of finishing a project.

You need the list of your possible moves and the time frame that will require you to achieve such actions. For example, if you are making plans and you are still confused on how to execute your theoretical framework, try solving the basics first. In organizing an event, you may compartmentalize the different sets of tasks that need to be finished within a period of time. List down the necessary actions you need to do on each of the defined tasks.

Then try to picture the situation in a more general manner and you would realize that you are actually defining the blueprints of your move, and therefore becoming more organized in your attempt to achieve success.

Remember to make plans in every important aspect that you do, either for complicated projects or mundane activities. Just keep in mind that you are here for a purpose and that is to be positive as much as possible, everyday of the week, every minute of every hour. Mental plans will give you a feeling of security especially in facing scenarios like meeting new people or your boss or your parents-in-law.

However, do not become slaves of your plan since this will make you obsessive and anxious. Just make sure that if your plan doesn't work or you are not able to achieve your expectations, go for your next move. The more choices you have, the better planner you are.

Scenario: You feel unmotivated because every move you make seems futile. You think that you are not getting any younger and your achievements are as tall as the newly cut grass of your lawn. You don't seem to be getting anywhere, you are a floating ship and your sail is broken. You feel sick and tired of your routine inside the office. You feel that time does not cooperate with you since it became wicked, forcing you to finish things and tasks beyond schedule or boring you with a slow melting trepidation.

Solution: Now what you can do is scrap this kind of life and start with a leap of faith by changing your destiny. You can start this by getting a pencil and a paper and listing down your past and present, and highlighting what you want in the future.

Motivate yourself with aims that will give your heart a different and cheerful smile.

Remove the dread by having positive projection and by thinking of what you want as an individual, as part of your family, friends, and society.

Write the word SUCCESS in bold letters and take action!