Time Management Tips And Techniques

Projected Goals 

These goals are the ones that you wish to achieve in less time or within a given period.

 The result of your plan depends on your projected output. You will reach what you want provided that you have created the right conditions to reach the end of that path. Projection is a way of estimating the result of your plan like your projected income after a year from the start of your business, the projected result of your thesis or study, or your plans after five years of marriage. These are similar to motivational goals. However, these goals are what you wish to achieve so you can create conditions to reach them. Examples of projected goals are enumerated below:

  • Perceptual Goal:
    Am I optimistic or pessimistic in perceiving ideas or situations? Do I get upset by people or by things that do not meet my expectations? Do I grumble or look forward after a failure or wretched situation?
  • Professional Goal:
    What is my notion of success and how do I get there?
  • Educational Goal:
    What do I want to learn and why should I learn them? What are the things, information, and skills that I have to acquire in order to excel and become a productive citizen?
  • Familial Goal:
    What is my concept of home and how do I define my family? Am I aware of my lineage and my goal for my family? How do I envision myself as part of my family, and my extended family? How do I want them to envision me?
  • Financial Goal:
    What are my financial expectations? Do I want to become rich? Have an affluent Lifestyle?
  • Physical Fitness Goal:
    What do I want to become, physically speaking? What are my hobbies or preferred sports? Do I wish to compete in athletic events and how do I see myself doing it?
  • Recreational Goal:
    How do I want to enjoy my life?
  • Public Service Goal:
    How can I make this a better world or a more humanly society?