Time Management Tips And Techniques

Not Urgent but Important

You might often put off tasks in this category, but these are the ones that require your attention more. These involve planning, organizing, and implementing your objectives.

The real danger in delaying these activities lies on the possibility that you may engage in more unimportant tasks that you see as more urgent. This would therefore eat up a lot more of your time. For example, instead of planning on how to increase your sales or minimize your expenses, you tend to put most of your time in entertaining customers (which, by the way, can be done by other people). Or worse, you may procrastinate (more of this in a later chapter) until you realize that youve not been doing any activity under this category for a long time now.

Give these tasks high priority. You may not immediately realize the advantages of accomplishing them, but the benefits in the long run is worth the efforts you will be pouring into them.