If you anticipate a depressing event to occur, advanced planning could be used to reduce the negative outcome. Assume you have an idea that you are about to fail in your exams. Finding alternative solutions and seeking help on how to handle the situation could help.

Emotionally working through an undesirable outcome in advance is usually a lot better way of handling the situation than pretending the event is not going to happen.

When the depressing event does occur, you should try your best to get the feeling of sadness off your chest to reduce depression. A good cry can sometimes relieve sadness. Punching through thin air or beating a pillow can release anger from your body.

After going through a horrendous experience, try your best to start anew. There’s so many things you can do to bring back joy and vitality into your life. 

Here are 6 suggestions:

• Set goals that you’re interested in pursuing and work hard on it.
• Do something you enjoy.
• Help others in attaining their ambitions.
• Plan to do exciting, interesting activities.
• Bond and spend lots of quality time with your loved ones
• Have lots of great experiences, not just big achievements.

The above list isn't just the advice of therapists.

Many people who have overcome depression say that things such as enjoying time with the family, finding new career or hobby interests, playing their favorite sports, and getting involved in community service have done wonders in reducing their depression.

Many experts believe full recovery from depression would come quicker if you set about setting up and trying to learn how to re-capture the joys of living. It could be a much better alternative than taking anti-depressant pills.