The Nature of a bad Habit

Have you ever done something so painfully repetitive and monotonous that you sometimes find yourself wanting to just bang your head against the wall several times to break the pattern?

Have you ever felt that something you have been accustomed to doing for the past several years is becoming all too daunting and boring, even annoying, not just for you, but also for others?

Has anyone ever told you at any point in your life that you need to make a change or else get left with nothing? Sure, you have. These things happen to you every single day, right?

Waking up at the same time each morning and taking the same bus routes to work or school are some of the basic ingredients to a ho-hum day. To make things worse, this daily waking-up routine also precedes always being barely a minute into the "late" situation, leaving you with a start that is equally as fussy as the previous mornings.

However, despite realizing how much of a hassle it has been, you simply shrug your shoulders and tell yourself, "Hey, maybe tomorrow I'll be able to beat a record." And then you end up doing the exact same thing the next day.