Coping with Depression

Regardless of age, status in the society, or profession, depression may affect anyone.

It may exist at times of puberty, after childbirth and/or at mid-life. 

Thus, the depression health problem occurs at a specific period of time wherein circumstances of life may influence your mood.  Immediate depression may be caused by particular events and losses such as death of a person close to you or reduction of your income. 

There are also other aspects to be considered, such as inherited factors associated with depression (a history of family depression) or other physical factors (abridged levels of neurotransmitters in the brain).

At various phases of our lives, we have all experienced being “down and troubled.”  It is due to the changes in our day-to-day living.  It also affects our environment and interaction with others. 

Sometimes, events apparently cause us to be more upset and we become depressed for over a long period of time.

As everyday events influence our moods, some make the misconception of depression as temporary “blues” or sadness. 

It might be a normal grief caused by the death of your loved one.  People with the “blues” and normal grief might experience short-term symptoms of depression.


The term “depression” is used to express a depressed mood, simultaneously with other symptoms, that exist for a prolonged period of time.  When depression is not cured, it may influence normal performance.  It is important to recognize that depression is not a sign of frailty or a lack of determination, and not something that you can easily escape from. It is a condition that can be cured through proper treatment.

Because of the link between grief and depression, some make false impressions to both.

Here are some myths about depression that needs to be cleared up.

Myth: Depressed People are Mentally Unstable and Inefficient.
As you might experience troubles in making decision and difficulty in concentration and memory, lack of knowledge and misinformation leads to the thought that depressed people are incompetent.  This is certainly not true! Because depression is a treatable illness, it can be cured by your own determination and will power.   It can be treated faster with the help of others.

Myth: Someone Must Have Brought the Depression.
All of us used to admire others and set them as our role models.  They might be our parents or other famous personalities.  Some people have been mistaken and blamed by others for causing depression.  You must understand that depression is a health problem that can only be caused by yourself and nobody is to blame .

Myth: Depression is God’s Way of Punishing for Some Wrong Act or Misbehavior.
This is a widespread belief in the midst of sufferers.  If a person can’t find the answer for his or her sufferings, then it might tend to make himself or herself more burdened by the depression, causing that person to find something wrong  with himself or herself.

This piece of writing describes what depression is and looks at the common causes and symptoms, as well as some of the myths about depression.

No one should be ashamed of being depressed. 

It might seem so difficult and sometimes unbearable, to draw yourself out of a sinkhole of depression, but it is THE MOST TREATABLE EMOTIONAL PROBLEM. 

Always remember that you are not a terrible or hopeless person!

Particular self-help methods in this section will seem more suitable for you to use to cope up with your depression. You can try two or three and see if they work.  If not, take a break on something else. 

In general, gaining some optimism about getting better, having a clear viewpoint, and getting family support, along with selected self-help methods, will lead to a better recovery from depression.

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