Depression and Self Esteem

More Tips to Recharge your spirit

• Have on earplugs for instant peace anytime, anyplace.

• Be taught of a meditation technique.  Two methods:  Observe your thoughts as they pass through your mind.  Or, repeat a word or phrase with an uplifting meaning.

• Put into practice progressive relaxation for 20 minutes twice a day to relive high blood pressure and other physiological responses to stress.  Make tighter and release each muscle group in turn, starting with the soles of the feet and slowly working up to the scalp.

• Schedule a weekend activity that is a change of your usual routine.  If your week is a lot scheduled, relax and enjoy noncompetitive activities.  If you are never able to finish anything during the week, choose a project that you can complete in a few hours on weekends.

•  Take time out for a little entertainment in the middle of your workday.  When the pressures of completing a project are too great, your productivity can drop.  Take a walk or eat lunch outside the office.

1. Use Visualization and Affirmation Techniques. 
You can conquer a circumstance you fear by going over the event in your mind.  Imagine the scene in clear detail and visualize the best possible result that may happen.

You can also reduce an imagined fear down to size by picturing the worst possible outcome.  Visualize describing this worst case to your best friend the next day and the sympathy you receive.  Imagine telling a group of friends the next month, who contribute to their similar experiences.  Finally, imagine joking about your unpleasant experience with a complete stranger a month later.  If you carry this exercise through to the end, your stress will become something to laugh about.
Replace negative self-talk with affirmations.  Don’t let your mind be filled with gloom:  You’re too ugly. . . you’re too old. . .you’ll never achieve anything.  And things like:  What if I fail the exam?  What if she doesn’t like my gift?  What if we get lost?  These things haven’t even occurred yet.  Nourish your mind with a constant stream of “I can; therefore, I will.”

2. Get Sufficient Sleep. 
Settle on how much sleep you require for best possible performance.  Lack of sleep worsens the body’s responses to stress and lowers the immune system. 

3. Don’t Be Self-Centered.
Always remember that you don’t have to attain all the money, fame, and success in the world.  Today’s society forces us to build up as much accomplishments as we can, while trying to balance our own personal and family life.  There’s just not enough time to do all these things.  Start from the most important task and focus on one thing at a time.