The "That's Just The Way Things Are" Excuse

No matter how often you realize that your routine is what's making your mornings stressful, you still don't try to change things.

You simply leave the next day to chance and hope that some magic powder appears on your doorstep and help you arrive at your destination before the bell rings.

"This is just the way things are," you would say, and simply leave it at that.

A lot of us are guilty of saying "These are the cards I am dealt with so I just have to cope." We make excuses for things we think we cannot change or improve on. We point fingers at others, at our surroundings, at time, or at existing circumstances to justify our behaviours and linear ways of thinking. We hardly ever blame ourselves.

This is how our bad habits are formed -- by simply not acknowledging that certain attitudes and situations can be modified; by refusing to take that extra step because it's too fussy or takes up too much effort to achieve; by making excuses for every bit of improvement that needs to be implemented, because you've been "doing it this way for years" and you've received no major complaints from anyone else.

That's what you think. Often, our bad habits are more destructive to ourselves than to other people. Sure, others find your chronic lateness and chain smoking annoying and bothersome. However, whatever negative effect our bad habits have on other people is always magnified when applied to ourselves -- only that we refuse to see it.

Perhaps you do find yourself wanting to make changes in your life, particularly on eliminating your bad habits. Good for you! However, nothing would really come out of plans if they remain plans. Action has to be done. And this is what this report will help you achieve.

What Is A Habit?
Habit is defined as an involuntary tendency to perform a particular action, and is often done so due to frequent repetition, as if it's second nature.