Going Beyond Love

“No one is an island.” 

This maxim we used to hear is a proof that humans need to love and be loved. 

That is why love is considered as the most important human need in life. When someone is lacking in love, he or she may feel irritated and alone. 

Depression comes along as an aftermath. 

That is how love and depression are interconnected with one another.


From the start, since birth, all of us need the unconditional love of our mother to make us feel that we are important and exceptional for them.  During the pregnancy of a mother, her love is important to a child in her womb. 

Without it the child may undergo trauma, and the so-called thrive syndrome - that will lead to a depression.

Some people recognize that a child wouldn’t live normally when love is denied.  Thus, lack of love is considered as the leading factor of being depressed (It is the so-called depression caused by the history of the individual).

Not only the child on the mother’s womb is affected by the lack of love.  A person who grows up feeling unloved may develop depression within himself/herself.  There comes a time that he /she will look for love even in “the wrong places”.

If you see yourself feeling this kind of deficiency, you can start striving for the best ways of coping with depression by trying the easy strategies as follows:

1. Think of it this way: There might be people around you that may not always express their love for you, but they will always be there when something goes wrong.

2. Believe that you may not hear the acceptance of people around you, but still you are important for them in such a way that they only understand.

3. You may not understand the way people reacts about you, they may not show their love for you the way you want them to.   But still, you can show your love for them in the best way you can.  This is the best way to feel good, to show how much you love and appreciate people around you!

4. Last, remember always that you can’t reach that age of yours if no one loves you. There will always be someone who loves you from the start… you may not see Him but He loves you.  God will always be there for you no matter what!

For you to conquer your depression, what you really need is information about it and street-smart advice from others. 

Learn to appreciate yourself the way you are. 

Listen to this: 

An idea of changing yourself may come on your mind when you are tired of trying to be loved the way you wanted to, but don’t you realize that you might be appreciated the way you are and you just don’t notice because you are asking for more than what the people around you can give? 

Be ready to accept them, and their ability to love you for what you are, and you will feel the unconditional love you’re longing for.