Personal Words of Advice

Depression is a serious issue that requires much attention. You can try different methods discussed on each page of this website to help you cope and cure your depression.

You may choose from among the self-help methods, or those techniques that involve the use of anti-depressant pills, or treatment with the help of others such as psychotherapists or psychiatrists.

You must remember just reading will not cure your depression; you must DO SOMETHING with the ideas you have already read!

You must change how you act and think.

Find two or three methods that seem practical to you and give them an honest try. If your first attempts don't work, try something else until you feel less depressed.

Don't be assured that one of the methods above will instantly change or overcome the way  in which you act, feel, or think for a long time. You can't just make a plan of one active, fun weekend and then, expect the depression to lift forever.

You can't just try stopping depressing thoughts for two or three hours and then, expect these hurtful and distressing ideas to stop forever. You can't just try for an hour to think of positive things about yourself and then, wait for everything to be perfect about yourself ever after. The knowledge and power to beat depression is in your hands, but it requires effort on your part.

You must also take note that if you are suffering from serious depression, you must immediately get professional help. Even if your depression is not serious but a support group and/or your self-help efforts are not helping, get individual therapy from two experienced professionals, such as psychotherapists.

If several sessions of psychotherapy have not helped, get medication from a trusted medical doctor and consider getting second opinion from another trusted psychotherapist.

Anti-depressive medication can be an important source of help, but a placebo pill can be just as effective for some. Oddly, many studies have shown that 30%-40% of depressed people improved when given a sugar pill for the depression, while about 50%-65% improved on an anti-depressant.

You must not overlook the effectiveness of psychological treatment. Many extensive studies and investigations conclude that psychological treatment, such as improving social skills, increasing enjoyable activities, and correcting negative thoughts, can produce better long-term outcomes than drugs.

So, don't think that psychology is just a cheap, second-rate source of help for depression; intent research states that psychotherapy is the best treatment you can find but, like drugs, psychotherapy doesn't work for everybody.

Depressed people are often deprived individuals, steadily seeking some accomplishments to make them feel good. They may be strongly dependent on others for back-up and support. The depressed person especially needs others to feel positive about himself/ herself.

It is vitally important that parents give much support and attention to their children. Otherwise, their kids will feel alone and vulnerable, and this can trigger the onset of depression. 

Parents have the main responsibility to make sure that their children grow up happy, secured, and loved.  When this happens, there is more assurance that depression has been prevented right from the very start.