Remarkable remedies for your self esteem

If you are suffering the mental crisis of low self-esteem, serious action should be taken to regain it.

So what can be done to revive your self-esteem? 

Here are some remarkable remedies :

1. Satisfy or Indulge Yourself.  
Eat whatever you want, play a sport you’re most interested in, go to places that make you happy. 

2. Get in Touch with Your Close Friends Often. 
Their encouragement and company can boost your confidence level.

3. Whatever You Do Well, Do Often. 
If you have a certain skill or talent that you’re good at, develop it.  If you see yourself becoming or performing better than others, that will really boost your self-esteem to greater heights.

4. Do whatever reminds you that you are a good, brilliant, capable, responsible, and caring person despite experiencing the opposite feeling.

5. Imagine yourself as being famous and successful if you feel that others are not paying attention to you.

6. Safeguard and maintain good health.

7. Set yourself attainable goals.