Body Language Signs

When you were a young child, have you ever tried to decode what your parents body language signs (i.e. facial expressions) mean when you ask them to buy you a new toy or to take you to Disneyland?

A frown would likely be a No! But a nod would make you jump with joy. As you grow older, it has become a necessity to be able to detect if other people will agree with your decision or proposal.

This is an ability that will truly help negotiators, employees, and even lovers to succeed in their ventures because they would be able to change their approach early enough to adjust to a specific situation.

There are certain signs to indicate if people are more receptive in accepting your ideas.

Some of these body language signs are:

  • Their hands are flat on the table.
  • Their palms are open.
  • If they're stroking their chin, they're thinking. They may agree with you after careful evaluation.
  • Their heads are inclined forward.
  • They are nodding their heads.
  • Their legs are spaced out from each other.
  • They smile frequently.
  • They unbutton their jackets. This indicates friendliness and willingness to collaborate with you. 
  • Their hands are open. This also indicates genuineness.
  • They place their hands in their chest. This signifies openness and conveys sincerity, honesty, or dedication. However, a woman putting her hands in her breast is a defensive position and may indicate that she is surprised or astonished.


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