Developing Rapport

The ultimate goal of mirroring is to build rapport. It's the time when you and the people youre mirroring feel so close and in synch with each other that you feel like you've known each other for years.

So how would you know if you've built rapport?

Mirror them. Match whatever characteristic, value, or behavior they possess that you would like to copy.

After some time, touch your nose or cross your legs. If they do the same thing, mission accomplished!  You've already lowered their defenses to the point where they are more receptive to your suggestions.

You can even build rapport even if a person you're mirroring is far away. Heres how to do it:

1. Just relax. Clear your mind of all negative thoughts and create a bond by focusing on the entire body of the person you wish to mirror. Make his image so real and vivid.

2. Use your subconscious to enter his world. Feel the connection. Give out positive projections uniting his entire persona into yours.

3. Think of what he may be doing at the moment. Then replicate his actions, behaviors, and principles.

With this exercise, you can even emulate your role models. Let's say you want to be as successful as your boss who is always traveling around the world.

Do the above exercise and you'll soon see some astounding results.

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