Body Language

Undeniably, communication is as important as life itself.

It would be unimaginable how chaotic the world would be without communication. Even primitive people tried to find ways to communicate when things were much simpler then. In our modern and fast paced age, its necessity is a thousand folds over.

There are varied forms of communication. Each form is valuable, non-verbal communication being one of them. One of the illustrations that somewhat resembles or falls under the category of non-verbal communication is the way the deaf and mute communicate.

But probably, the most profound form is body language. It is probably the least known, not because it is the least effective but because it is the least noticed; yet it is one of the most practiced, subconsciously. We are all using it but we hardly notice that were doing it. Its one of the most reliable sources of truthful information.

Action speaks louder than words and body language is the literal translation to this statement. If time is a factor in the delivery of a meaning, body language may be the way to communicate. This is another essence of action speaking louder than words.

Body language is made available to us naturally. It comes spontaneously. All you need to do is to know how to interpret and develop it to its full potential. Dont deny yourself this skill. Yes, this is a skill.

And what you have just read and learned from this book will be beneficial to you in every activity you engage yourself into. Read this book over and over again if you have to, till you are comfortable with this new skill. Use this book as a reference. Youll be delighted you did.

Remember to keep this in mind: Learning body language from this book does not stop here. Experience is the key factor. Experience will sharpen your body language skills to greater heights and consistency. Body language may not be absolute but your degree of efficiency will certainly be high.


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