Written below are some body language techniques to help make your sales sizzle:

    • 1. You can immediately analyze a persons personality by studying his style in shaking hands. An assertive person holds your hand firmly when you shake his hand. On the other hand, an individual with little or no confidence often gives a frail handshake. A person who wants to win your trust would usually shake your hand with his other hand covering the shake or holding your elbow. Adopt a handshake that is firm, yet not crushing. Convey confidence and professionalism, not dominance. 
    • 2. Posture is another aspect of body language. A slouching shoulder with your eyes looking on the ground can indicate lack of interest. Standing straight with your weight balanced on each foot gives you a more assured and relaxed look. Always maintain a straight body, whether youre standing or sitting.
    • 3. Match the straight open posture with a genuine facial expression. Dispose of the sunglasses. The client may think that you are hiding something, as he cant see through your eyes. When he looks straight in your eyes, he can tell if you are lying, so be transparent. Lay down your cards and throw the shades away. But be sure to avoid piercing looks. The client might get intimidated.
    • 4. When doing sales calls and presentations, be sure to use sincere and open movements all the time. Do not cross your arms, as this can ruin the trust of your potential customer. The outward and upward gestures of your hands are recommendable. If you lean back on a chair and place your hands at the back of your head, it may drive your clients away as this is a sure sign of arrogance and a false sense of confidence. Meanwhile, if you place your hands on your waists, you are exuding positive confidence.
    • 5. "Don't point. Pointing at a client is equivalent to death wish in selling. It is as if youre waving your sales opportunity goodbye. Pointing is an aggressive act that can be interpreted as hostility, so throw this gesture out the window if you really want to sell.
    • 6. In sales, here are signs that you are open for negotiations and are willing to compromise. Unbuttoning your jacket means you are ready to talk and to listen to a counter offer. Removing your jacket or rolling your sleeves up is a very good sign for the client, as this means you are ready to decide or to give in to the final price.

You, as the seller, may also use body language as a tool to recognize and counteract any potential objections by the client.

The usual scenarios include the following:

1. If the clients arms are crossed, it means he is disinterested. Use counter measures like positive movements to cause them to uncross their arms, and for you to begin the sales approach. When his arms and legs are uncrossed, and his hands are open, this is the best scenario, as they are open to your ideasand a sale is more likely to happen.

2. Another good sales scenario is when the client mimics your gestures like when you fix your hair and the client follows. It shows he is very receptive to your ideas and open to buy your idea or product. If this is the case, throw all your barrage of features and benefits, and close the sale! This point is crucial as you can make or break the sale.

3. If the client covers his mouth, touches his nose, or the part near the eye, theres a probability that you are losing the sale. Something you said or did might have discouraged him. But dont despair. Do the selling process again; but this time, do it differently. Reassure the client that he is getting a great deal and encourage him to open up and share ideas. Open your palms and unconsciously let him see you occasionally putting your palm to your chest (this signifies honesty). Then try to reach that positive sales atmosphere again and close the sale.

4. Always be alert to the signs the client is exhibiting. If the client shows interest through his body movements, give the final sales blow and close the sale. The client's body language may change from positive to suspecting. In this case, take it easy, gather your wits, read your clients moods, and try to win him back. Always exhibit openness and sincerity. When the client crosses his legs and arms, this is a warning signal. Use mirroring techniques (discussed in the previous chapter). You must make every effort to earn the trust of the client, so that you ultimately can close the deal.

5. In worse cases where you are unable to close the sale, try to be professional and diplomatic at all times. Thank the client for listening and shake his hand with sincerity. Sales cannot be achieved overnight and you generally win some and lose some. Closing the presentation on a positive note will leave a good impression of you. Who knows, he might be your next positive client at some other time.

Use your body every way you can in the selling process. Always be enthusiastic. If you truly believe in the high quality of your product or service, other people will be positively affected by your enthusiasm. Body movements can convince prospects to become believers in what you are offering.

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