flirtenThe Touch

A simple touch to the body can have a thousand different meanings depending on how you perceive the power of touch in body language. It is a basic need to be touched. We definitely need to be stroked and have physical contact with other people to survive. As we mature, we continue to heed that need of touching and being touched.

Touch can convey respect and trust, and is also a way to differentiate power between people.

Touching as an ingredient of body language can be a powerful tool if done with finesse, with precision, and with accuracy. You must learn the art of touching in order to send your signals to the other person.

Timing is important, as some people will react negatively if you touch them too soon or too much. It has to be done at the right time in a suitable way, or the result would not be one that you expect. Be keen to the circumstances and the mood.

You can determine the appropriateness of your touch and your ability to adjust to the circumstances, by how your receiver reacts to it. If the person seems to lean or get closer to you, youve made the right move. But if the person seems to back off, this means you did not touch properly, so you have to make some adjustments.


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