Lie Detection Body Language

People lie for a variety of reasons.

It may be to cover up a fault or embarrassment, to avoid upsetting other people, to encourage when no hope can be perceived, or to be spared from petty hassles.

It may also be due to more serious psychological problems such as delusional imaging or extreme vanity.

Here are some lie detection body language indications that are conveyed by people when lying:

  • They speak in a high-pitched, fast-paced, stuttering voice.
  • They are constantly swallowing and clearing their throat.
  • They try their best to avoid having eye contact. This applies particularly to people who want to avoid discussing a certain topic.
  • They look somewhere else and glimpse from the corner of their eye.
  • They stick their tongue out to moist their lips.
  • They are blinking rapidly.
  • They rub their throat.
  • Their arms are crossed over the chest.
  • They are constantly touching parts of their face, especially the mouth, ear, and nose as if covering them.
  • They scratch their head or the back of the neck.
  • Their poses are closed, descending, and insecure.
  • Their hands or feet are tapping.
  • They always look down with shrugged shoulders.
  • They are constantly moving from one place to another or changing their poses.
  • They are projecting parts of their body (feet) to an escape route  (door).



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