Body Language Signs That They Are Hiding Something

Body Language SignsImagine your boss is doing a presentation and all employees are required to listen.

You noticed that many of them are clicking their pen, tapping their feet, and drumming their fingers.

After the meeting, you hear the boss ask them: "Did you enjoy the presentation?"

They would say: "Definitely!"

But you know better. Their actions indicate just how bored they are. It feels good to know body language, doesnt it?

Some body language signals conveyed by people who are bored and disinterested include:

  • Head supported by the palm, often accompanied by drooping eyes.
  • They show inattentiveness by staring at a blank space (eyes not blinking) or by looking around frequently.
  • They are pulling their ears. This may also signify that they want to interrupt while another person is talking.
  • They are clicking a pen non-stop.
  • They are tapping their hands or feet.
  • They yawn incessantly.
  • Their feet or other body parts are pointing to the exit, as if they are very eager to leave.
  • They move restlessly in their seats. This could also mean that they are not cozy or at ease, or they might just be exhausted.
  • They cross their legs and constantly kick their foot in a very slight motion (particularly done by females).

If youre the one making the presentation and you discerned that your audience are displaying signs of boredom, don't start talking faster or louder.

Restrain from such act even if your instinct tells you to do so.

Instead, say, "Hold on. I feel that Im losing your attention. What's up?" Hear what they have to say.

You may discover what's actually preventing them from keeping up with you.


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