Knowing If The Apple Of Your Eye Is Interested

Do you want to know if that special someone is interested in you as well?  Let's assume you're a man. You see a gorgeous lady that made your heart beat faster. Look at her with extreme confidence letting her know you are interested. Then wait for her reaction. She may be a bit shy to stare back at you, so it's natural if she shifts her glance. Here's how to find out if she's attracted to you.

    • If she looks down and away, she's interested.
    • If she looks to the left or right, she's not interested.

Moreover, how will you know if a person is attracted to you just by observing body signs? A girl, for example, is flirting if she espouses the following body language:

    • 1. Her lips show the way. She wears that big smile with her teeth exposed and with a relaxed face. She bites her lips or shows her tongue, or she licks her lips and touches the front of her teeth.
    • 2. Her eyes show you everything. She looks at you with a deep stare and her pupils are dilated. She raises her eyebrows seductively and gives you a wink from a distance, or when she is talking to you. And of course, the most common one - she blinks her eyes more than usual and shows you that fluttering eyelashes.
    • 3. She gets herself noticed by the stroking of her hair. She may push her fingers through her hair, twirl it around her fingers, or throw her hair back off her shoulders.
    • 4. She shows a little more skin on her clothing. The hem of her skirt goes up a little further exposing her legs, or she fixes her clothes more than usual to look a little better.
    • 5. You can tell it from the way she sits. She sits with an open leg or crosses her legs in a manner where her thighs can be seen. Or her legs are rubbing against each other or against the leg of the table.
    • 6. Her hands mirror how she feels. She rubs her wrists up and down in a suggestive manner. She rubs her chin or touches her cheek, and in a bold way may even unconsciously touch her breasts. She plays with objects on the table, fondles keys, or rubs a drinking glass in a flirting manner.

On the contrary, how does a man show his interest in a woman? Its much simpler. Maintaining eye contact, smiling frequently, and exhibiting confidence through his actions are the main ways.


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