Interpreting Body Language When They Need Reassurance

Some people have this disorder where they feel that they are always making the wrong decisions.

Should I really buy this?

Maybe I should wait for a sale. Can I really get a better job after I resign from this company? These people do certain actions to reassure themselves that they have made the right choice, that everything will be ok.

  • They stick a pen in their mouth.
  • They squeeze the chunky part of their hand.
  • They rub the back of the chair (while sitting).
  • They clamp their hands with thumbs touching against one another.
  • They bite their nails (in some cases).
  • They touch their throat (for women).
  • They jiggle the coins in their pockets. (for those who are concerned about their riches).

Heres what certain types of people would do when they want to reassure others:

  • A woman gives reassurance to another female by holding both of her hands and sometimes hugging her. The facial appearance of the consoling female matches the solemn mood of the other female.
  • A politician who would like to reassure you that he will be doing a good job when elected in public office would shake your hand with his right hand and cup it with his left hand.


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